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You can get hassle-free insurance, all at your fingertips.
Get the best coverage on how fast you can make clicks!

We’re easy, effortless and 100% digital.
Zero paperwork, just access all our services
with just a few clicks.

Instant I Convenient I Affordable
Less than 60 seconds
to chose your policy
A few clicks
to get insured
In 2 minutes
to make a payment

how başlık tion works?

We challenge traditional ways through innovation.
Get the best insurance coverage on your smartphone – all in a matter of minutes.


We’re making sure everything you need is just a click away from you.

Home Insurance

Insure your detached apartment, house and its outbuildings, whether you are an owner or renter.

Car Insurance

Protect your car with options of pay-per-kilometer insurance.

Health Insurance

Insure with one-platform your health insurance needs without buying multiple policies and medical exams.

Content Insurance

Content insurance covers your goods against loss, theft or damage.

Travel Insurance

Secure your travels with travel insurance.

Pet Insurance

Protect your friends with pet health insurance.

Mobile Phone Insurance

Insure your mobile phone from accidents and robbery.

E-Vehicles Insurance

Insurance for electric scooters and other e-vehicles.

Smart Home Devices Insurance

Smart home insurance is engaged, empowered and reduces risks.

Identity Protection Insurance

Identity theft insurance is designed to cover some of the costs related to identity theft.

Cybersecurity Insurance

Cyber insurance covers your business' liability and customer information.

AI Insurance

AI insurance provides that guarantees the performance of algorithms.

başlık tion is a smart app

Our advanced technology

AI-Powered Underwriting
in Risk Assessment

  • Let us recommend the best insurance for you.
  • Our innovation and the power of AI technology allow us to offer you the most affordable and most suitable policies.

AI-Based Smart
Chatbot Integration

  • AI-based chatbot service will give you the best experience.
  • Our super smart chatbot helps you in choosing the right policy for you and in all your insurance processes.

Digital Signature and
Smart Contracts

  • Get policies that you need within minutes.
  • Blockchain-based infrastructure saves you the trouble of reading and signing pages for policies with smart contracts and digital signatures.

User Data Security with
Blockchain-Based Tech

  • We care about your data protection.
  • Our blockchain-based technology allows you to perform your transactions much more securely and your data to be safe.

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